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This is a compilation of snippets for the TIPA package in LaTeX. It is not exhaustive, but I plan to continue adding more.

File naming

Consonants are labeled in the following way:

    voicing - point of articulation - mode of articulation  
    Ex. voiceless-bilabial-aprox.sublime-snippet = [β]

Vowels are labeled in the following way:

    vowel - tense/lax - height - frontedness - rounding  
    Ex. vowel-tense-high-front-unrounded.sublime-snippet = [i]

Tab triggers

There are 6 main groups:

Consonants are divided into four subcategories:


As of now (10/19/2013), I have only included the symbols that I use the most in English and Spanish. I will continue adding to the repository over time. It should be noted that the consonants do not include all categories (i.e. stops). This is because they are not represented by unsual symbols in IPA.