Joseph V. Casillas, PhD

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Rutgers University


I am an Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. My main interests are in phonetics, laboratory phonology, and second language acquisition. A principle aim of my research is to better understand the relationship between language use and sound representation in the mind, as well as the structure of sound systems in human languages. Most of my research is conducted on bilinguals of varying proficiency and linguistic experience. Some of my recent projects have focused on native phonetic experience and its influence on L2 speech production, perception and lexical processing. Though my main passions are centered around coding, statistical analysis, data visualization, and reproducible research, I also enjoy playing music, Casio watches and anything related to el andalú.


  • Phonetics/Phonology
  • Speech production, perception, spoken-word recognition
  • Second language acquisition
  • Bilingualism
  • Statistics/Data visualization


  • PhD in Hispanic Linguistics, 2016

    University of Arizona

  • MA in Hispanic Linguistics, 2012

    University of Arizona

  • BA in Psychology, 2006

    Western Washington University

Recent Publications

Perceptual categorization and bilingual language modes: Assessing the double phonemic boundary in early and late bilinguals

In the present study, Spanish-English bilinguals’ perceptual boundaries between voiced and voiceless stops (a /b/-/p/ continuum …

Suprasegmental information cues morphological anticipation during L1/L2 lexical access

We use visual-world eye-tracking and gating methods to investigate whether Spanish monolinguals and English late learners of Spanish …

Lexically driven selective adaptation by ambiguous auditory stimuli occurs after limited exposure to adaptors

Limited exposure to ambiguous auditory stimuli results in perceptual recalibration. When unambiguous stimuli are used instead, …

Production and perception of the English /æ/-/ɑ/ contrast in switched-dominance speakers

This study investigates how fluent second-language (L2) learners of English produce and perceive the /æ/–/ɑ/ vowel contrast of …

Production and perception of the /i/-/ɪ/ vowel contrast: The case of L2-dominant early learners of English

The present study explored the production and perception of the /i/-/ɪ/ vowel contrast in second language (L2)-dominant early learners …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Syllabic Affiliation of Prevocalic Glides in Sonoran Spanish: Dialectal variation in syllabic affiliation

Technology for teaching: Using Praat to teach L2 pronunciation

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