Justin Bieber sings in Spanish: How'd he do?

TL; DR In the remixed version of the song “despacito”, Justin Bieber sings in Spanish. Some articles online criticize his …

tidyr tutorial

Tutorial showing the functionality of the tidyr package for data munging.

How to scrape data from Google Sheets in R

Google Forms offers a convenient way to collect data online. It is particularly useful because you can embed the form in a webpage, …

Data pipelines in R

Overview So you thought up a clever experiment, got IRB approval, recruited participants and collected data… now what? New researchers …

Basic plotting in R

Step-by-step examples for using the three main plotting systems in R.

HTML widgets in Rmarkdown

Walkthrough for incorporating HTML widgets into an Rmarkdown document.

Slidify tutorial

Tutorial for creating HTML presentations using R and slidify.

TikzDevice tutorial III: standalone plots

In this post I’m going to show you how to use TikzDevice to create high quality plots that use the same font as your LaTeX document. …

Knitr bootstrap

Quick and dirty test for knitr boostrap framework.