Setting up a whisper room sound booth

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Justin Bieber sings in Spanish: How'd he do?

TL; DR In the remixed version of the song “despacito”, Justin Bieber sings in Spanish. Some articles online criticize his pronunciation. I analyzed his realization of “p” and “t” in Praat and find that, while his pronunciation is not perfect, it is pretty good. I don’t believe he commits the “errors” suggested in the article. Overview I recently heard the song despacito featuring teen hero Justin Bieber (my wife mentioned to me that he sings in Spanish and my curiosity got the best of me).


A shiny web app built in R for calculating boundary crossover points in logistic regression.


A collection of snippets for SublimeText that simplify the process of using IPA in LaTeX.


An R package with handy functions I use in my linguistic research.

Spanish allophones and distinctive features

A shiny web app built in R for teaching the distinctive features of Spanish speech sounds.